About La Bou Delivers

After two decades of serving the very best pastries and the most scrumptious soups, salads and sandwiches at our many store locations; La Bou has expanded into catering. Instead of only serving these delicious foods on-premises, we have now made It possible for you to enjoy your favorite La Bou foods right in the convenience of your workplace.

La Bou Bakery & Cafe

At La Bou Delivers, we know that our customers expect the very best so each and every product is prepared with the freshest possible ingredients and handled with care and pride. Take our line of gourmet sandwiches- for example. Using the ancient technique of a starter dough (called the 'chef), we make our breads by allowing the dough to slowly develop in several fermentation stages. This process produces a remarkably moist bread with unique flavors and open grain characteristics. It’s no wonder then that these handmade breads help make our La Bou gourmet sandwiches distinctive.

The next time you think about catering needs for your office whether it is for breakfast or lunch; please consider La Bou Delivers. Regardless of the mood you're in, whether it’s for the La Bou Avocado Club layered with goat cheese, red delicious apple and mixed greens served on walnut-wheat bread, or the plain but satisfying American Turkey with thick slices of tomato on ciabatta bread, or any of the many fresh, crisp salad planers... rest assured that we will make your event successful and memorable.